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Delray Beach Raises Water Conservation Issue with Reusable Bags

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The past few weeks in Florida have been unseasonably dry and with the monsoons far away, water consumption has become a concern. According to a report, authorities in Delray Beach declared April as the Water Conservation Month. Richard Reade of the city commission is currently the acting sustainability officer. Reade said that the city’s efforts to dedicate a month to water conservation are geared towards drawing attention to the impact of water conservation on not just the environment but also the local economy. The Water Conservation Month program is aimed at encouraging homes and businesses to follow these practices.

Delray Beach’s Efforts over the Years

In the last ten years, Delray Beach city officials have been focusing on using reclaimed water for irrigational purposes by collecting storm water. Reade adds that locals can save significantly by turning off the water faucet when not in use, whether they are washing dishes or brushing their teeth. Taking shorter showers also helps save a lot of water. Victor Majtenyi from public utilities revealed that almost 70% of the water used in Delray Beach is mainly for irrigation. By utilizing rainwater for such purposes, the city can save water for the ongoing dry spell. Approximately two million gallons are used everyday for water irrigation.

Epa’s Contribution Towards Earth Day Celebrations

Recently, the city officials focused on educating the youth of southern Florida on the importance of conserving water. The city also designated a week in March reminding homeowners and local businesses to look for water leaks in toilet valves and faucets. The Fix a Leak Week was organized by Delray Beach with the help of the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) WaterSense initiative. Reade planned the Earth Day event with Old School Square, Downtown Development Authority and the city government. The event included the distribution of eco friendly promotional items to encourage more residents to take up water conservation seriously.

Festivities at Earth Day Celebrations in Delray Beach

To deal with the potential water crisis, the Earth Day events will included numerous discussions on sustainability initiatives that homes and businesses can take up. The Mayor  presented the proclamation on April 21. The event began at 10 am and focused on children by featuring fun activities. Some residents of Delray Beach have shown great support by saving rainwater in barrels for future use. One of the biggest challenges faced by the tropical South Florida city is the increased tourist population during the dry months. Being a popular beach holiday destination, Delray Beach requires more water between the months of October and May.

Representatives from Whole Foods and the Farm Fresh Market in Boynton Beach will be present at the event. Local librarians will read out educational stories about the environment while the entertainment will be provided by an environmental DJ. A lovable character from the WaterSense program named ‘Flo’ will meet the children for the Earth Day celebrations. Children can take home sunflower seeds and saplings to plant at home. The city is organizing a beach cleanup program where several local businesses will hand out attractive reusable bags to the attendees.


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