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Rise in the Demand for Eco-Friendly Dyes

rise in demand for eco-friendly dyes

Textile dyes have a come a long way since their started. Considered as one of the first chemical businesses, textile dyes business has emerged as a specialty chemical business. The market of textile dyes, as well as chemicals, is directly dependent on the level of production of the textiles and the price of raw materials. Due to increase in the prices of raw materials and pricing pressure, many textile companies are considering the option of eco-friendly dyes.

Chemical Dyes Heading Toward a Slow Death Because of Eco-Friendly Dyes

Textile dyes come in a variety of categories like basic dyes, acid dyes, fiber reactive dyes, disperse dyes, fluorescent brighteners, vat dyes, and much more. Using eco-friendly dyes for coloring and printing textiles is getting popular among many textile export houses. These eco dyes are better when compared to the traditional ones as they are designed with the intention of overcoming some major shortcomings of traditional dyes. These drawbacks include environmental hazards, toxicity, as well as high energy consumption. There has been a rise in demand for these eco-friendly dyes from fashion aficionados and consumers. This is likely to result in increased production of natural dyes and organic pigments.

Apart from the demand, another factor that is fueling the production of these dyes is the increase in environmental pressure. The increase in water pollution and the decrease in the sources of water has forced the textile industry to adopt strategies that make use of less amount of water. Some textile companies already use technologies that make optimum use of water. Waterless dyeing technology, ultrasonic technology, electrochemical, and plasma dyeing processes are some of them.

A research report presented by Global Industry Analysts (GIA) Inc, gave a detailed review of company profiles, market trends, drivers, acquisitions, and mergers, along with other strategic activities of the textile industry. It included projections and market estimates for all main geographic markets like Europe, Unites States, Japan, Canada, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and some other regions of the world.

Color the World With Eco-Friendly Dyes

The demand from consumers for eco-friendly dyes forced textile companies to reinvent their whole production method. This implies that a joint effort by the community toward an environment-friendly cause actually comes a long way. Consumers these days are aware of the importance of using eco-friendly promotional items. They are doing their best in making a difference and making the planet a better place.


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