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A Local Troop Promotes Recycling and Printed Custom Shopping Bags in a Derry School

derry school printed custom shopping bags

To encourage recycling behavior among the students, a local Derry Brownie Troop wants to help a school in Derry with their recycling activities. The Troop wrote a letter to the school authorities stating that they would like to help the school in its recycling initiatives. They feel that the recycling system at the school can be bettered with a few managerial adjustments, and thus they have volunteered to help out the school.

Students Take Initiative to Promote Eco Friendly Promotional Items

At present, the school disposes all its waste materials in a single trash can. So the waste trucks collect all the waste in one go. However, the Troop feels that if the school authorities separate all the waste into recyclables and non-recyclables, their recycling system would get better. This is because the Troop feels that segregation of waste will help the waste management authorities in their recycling activities. Furthermore, if the waste is segregated at the school, the students will learn how to distinguish recyclables from trash.

The Troop Promotes Printed Custom Shopping Bags and Environmental Education

Apart from the alterations in the waste disposal system, the Troop has also volunteered to conduct environmental education classes in the school. The troop feels that if the children are taught the importance of recycling, they will be able to incorporate it in their day-to-day lives easily. Apart from promoting environmental education, the Troop also wants the children to use printed custom shopping bags, as this would develop eco-friendly habits in them.

The Response of the School Authorities with Printed Custom Shopping Bags

The School authorities were very pleased to hear from the Troop and the school Superintendent, Laura Nelson decided to incorporate all the suggestions given by the Troop. As a matter of fact, the school authorities are planning on introducing separate trash cans in the cafeterias of the school, so that the children can learn about waste segregation. In addition to this, the school is planning to collaborate with a food agency that will help them in reducing their food waste.

Apart from these changes, the school authorities are going to educate the students on the benefits of recycling. Nelson stated that all the schools in the region engage in recycling activities, and they are promoting eco-friendly behavior among the students to curb the waste management problem in Derry. Nelson said that she is hoping these changes will encourage the students to recycle more, and she is going to thank the Brownie Troop for giving their suggestions to the school authorities.


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