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Design your Own Bag in Sacramento to Fight Plastic Bags

design your own bag in sacramento

The capital city of California, Sacramento, is all set to apply a ban on plastic grocery bags. The ban proposes an innovative approach to “redefine” the plastic bag industry by offering the companies grants for manufacturing reusable bags instead. This new provision is what pushed some of the (previous) opponents to the legislation to reconsider their position on the ban.

People Should Start to Design Your Own Bag

This isn’t the first time that such a ban has been proposed by the city. But it is the first time that the ban has actually progressed to winning the required votes to implement it. Mark Murray, the executive director of Californians Against Waste, added that once the ban was successfully implemented in Sacramento, California, then it would only be a matter of time before numerous other coastal states followed suit.

The ban, which had failed the previous year, made a roaring come back this year and got the required number of votes needed to get the ban off the floor and on as a possible bill. Environmentalists and supporters of the ban stated that this ban would be an essential weapon in reducing plastics litter, and also in greatly reducing plastics pollution in the Pacific Ocean .

The single feature in the ban that tipped it towards its success was the provision that a part of the state’s bottle-and-can recycling fund would be allotted to plastic bag manufacturing businesses on the proviso that they switched to making reusable bags instead. The fund portion allotted came to two million dollars. However to avail the grant, companies would have to train their employees accordingly and switch to the required equipment. Also, the reusable bags manufactured in the plastic bags’ place would have to adhere to a strict set of standards as stipulated in the bill.

Opponents of the ban still fight back though – through ads that state that an entire industry will be wiped out on implementation of the ban; and that the ban did not consider the plight of the workers who could lose their jobs. Senator Padilla, however, responded that, although the ban would result in job losses, to not implement the ban that would necessarily reduce the massive consumption of plastic in the state, would have been the same as not issuing public non-smoking limits because it would have affected the tobacco industry. Further, the ban does give the plastic bag industry a chance to shift to reusable bags – which has made certain plastic bag companies switch to supporting the ban.

Design Your Own Bag

If the above bill is implemented, it would ban grocery stores and pharmacies from providing their customers with single-use plastic bags starting from July, 2015. And soon, convenience stores and liquor stores would be made to follow suit.
Further, customers would be encouraged to bring their own reusable bags while they shop. And a ten-cent fee would be required to be paid by the customer (if he or she forgets to bring along a reusable bag) for the recycled paper or reusable bag they use from the store instead.

With contests to design your own bag, and even companies offering to produce reusable bags in bulk now with customized and stylish designs, using reusable bags is becoming more and more feasible. Also, with the DIY bug hitting all corners, it isn’t that hard to even design your own reusable bag.


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