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Designers Promote Eco-Fashion

textile designers promote eco-fashion

The textile industry, like all other industries, has its impact on the environment. As such, some fashion designers are endeavoring to bring environment consciousness into the textile industry. Since the large fashion houses are the ones who set the current trend, it can be expected that the fashion industry is going to experience an exemplary change very soon. One of the fashion houses in North Carolina, Redress Raleigh, is making quite an effort to bring eco friendly promotional items into the fashion industry.

Redress Raleigh Promotes Eco-fashion

Redress Raleigh is a company that deals in eco-friendly clothes. They have kept in mind the hazardous working conditions in the garment factories and are trying to promote the traditional methods of making fabric. Using natural dyes and zero-waste patterns will make the fashion industry more ethical and environment-conscious.

Redress Raleigh is holding conferences on textiles and eco-fashion in North Carolina as well as the Southeast in order to bring awareness of how people’s choices for clothes can affect the environment. Since these places have a strong history in textile, Redress Raleigh reckons there is a great prospect of transforming people’s perceptions by holding the conferences there.

Ms. Beth Stewart, the Strategic Director of Redress Raleigh, says that the company intends to create a network of resources for all the companies in the textile industry and thus expand their campaign. The conferences through which the company intends to communicate its ideas are just a beginning of the revolution. Through these conferences, people will be made aware of how they can influence the environment by making the right choices about their purchases. She says that the company expects that the people who attend the conferences will not only absorb the ideas that will be conveyed, but also put these into action and also lead others the same way. If they are successful, this will be a big step in revolutionizing the face of fashion.

The Benefits of Using Eco Friendly Promotional Items in Eco-Fashion

Businesses today are forced to embrace eco-friendliness. The fashion industry has also started producing eco friendly promotional items as of now. The fabric produced from crops – like cotton – is created by using only man-made fertilizers. The recycled clothes are created using waste material that would otherwise have gone to landfills. Eco-fashion not only is less polluting and non-toxic in production, disposal, and use, but also has personal benefits for the buyers. The clothes are far more comfortable and long-lasting.


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