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Recycling Program in Dothan Promotes Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

dothan recycling program

Dothan is all set for its new recycling program that will begin soon. The city has come up with the idea of making available blue bins to people, which they can use for dumping recyclable materials. The program has been named iRecycle.

The Recycling Program

The crew of Dothan Utilities has already started the distribution of the special recycling bins colored in blue to differentiate them from the regular green ones. This recycling program which has been expanded throughout the city will provide blue bins to all the residents who would like to be included in the program. Ken Rice, the Director of Assistant Environmental Services, stated that the residents of Dothan showed good response to the program. More than four thousand families will be participating in the first ever collection of the recyclable items which will be held throughout the city. He also said that he is hopeful of an increase in the number of volunteers in the program. He said that more people may be encouraged to participate in the recycling program after they see the blue bins outside, as it will develop a curiosity in the minds of the residents.

The recycling program of the city was expanded last year through a unanimous vote by Dothan City Commission. Initially, the recycling program was implemented in a few selected neighborhoods. Drop-off locations were provided around the town.

The cost of expansion of the recycling program has been quite considerable. Three trucks have been purchased for the collection and picking up of recyclable items. State grant money was used for making the purchase of the bins.

The materials that will be picked up during the recycling program will be sent to the Waste Management Inc. From there, it will go to the transfer station, after being bailed. Ken also mentioned that he hopes the program attracts a good number of households as it will enable the city to build its own recycling center. To make the recycling center profitable, participation from a minimum of six thousand households will be needed.

List of Recycling Programs

Materials that can be thrown in the recycling bin include all kinds of paper (office paper, telephone books, and newspaper), beverages and food cans (aluminum and steel cans of coffee, soft drink, or pet food), pizza boxes, plastic (shampoo bottles, juice and milk cartons, store bags, and others) as well as other recyclable promotional products. Oil, glass, compost, fast food containers, and Styrofoam are not allowed to be dumped in these bins. The blue bins will be picked up on the same day as the green garbage bins. Residents can visit the official site of the city for detailed information about the program.

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