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Create Reusable Shopping Bags in Douglasville

douglasville reusable shopping bags

In order to promote recycling among the residents, Keep Douglasville Beautiful is organizing a recycling event for all the residents in the city on the 13th of April, 2013. This event will give the residents an opportunity to recycle their electronics. The organizers of this event feel that this event will help the residents dispose their old electronics, and they are hoping that a lot of people will participate in it.

Reusable Shopping Bags Initiative by Keep Douglasville Beautiful

According to Julie Camp, the Board Secretary for the organization, this event will give the residents an opportunity to recycle their old electronics. It will also mark the beginning of the organization’s association with the Great American Cleanup, a national level recycling campaign. By joining Great American Cleanup, the organization is giving the residents and local businesses within the region an opportunity to increase their involvement in the environment initiatives within their community. Camp stated that this event is a great way to promote recycling among the residents, and it will also familiarize the residents with the Great American Cleanup project.

Create Reusable Shopping Bags and Recycle at the Event

This event will be hosted in the afternoon and the residents will be allowed to recycle various electronics at the event. The organizers of the event are going to accept electronics such as cable TV sets, fax machines, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, game systems, cell phones, Christmas lights, electrical cords, printers, speakers, scanners, faucets, radios, and laptops. The organizers have put up a list of all the acceptable items on their website, in order to guide the residents. However, the residents need to pay a minimal fee in order to dispose these items at the recycling event.

Volunteers from Keep Georgia Beautiful will be present at the event as well, and they will educate the residents on the importance of recycling. In addition to this, they will also encourage the residents to create reusable shopping bags themselves. The volunteers will educate the residents about the Great American Cleanup campaign at the recycling event as well.

According to the Executive Director of Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation, Sarah Visser, the Great American Cleanup Campaign is a great way to increase the recycling rates within any city, and she is happy that the volunteers from her organization are going to educate the residents in Douglasville about this campaign. She is hoping that the residents will respond to this campaign well.


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