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People Continue Dumping Plastic Bags in Recycle Bins

According to RIRR, people should not put plastic bags in recycling bins but take them back to retailers

The workers at Rhode Island Resource Recovery (RIRR) are facing the problem of having to remove plastic bags from their recycling screens, halting all other recycling tasks in the process. According to the officials of RIRR, people should not put plastic bags in recycling bins but take them back to retailers.

How Dumping Plastic Bags Affects the Recycling Process?

A number of problems arise when dumping plastic bags into recycle bins. The first problem caused by it is that they have an adverse effect on the health of employees along with the environment. At the recycling plant, workers sort out the rubbish by hand and along with bio-degradable materials, the plastic bags can contain contaminants or hazardous materials. Being an extremely time consuming and dangerous task, much of the rubbish ends up at the local landfill. All the recyclable items need to be free and movable for easy sorting of waste.

Another problem is that the bags get in the way of the recycling machines. Since existing recycling machines are not programmed to sort out plastic bags, they get trapped in their wheels and conveyor belts leading to a decrease in the overall effectiveness of the recycling plant. To clear these plastic bags, they need to enter the plant’s rotor sections, which is a dangerous and lengthy activity. For this reason, people should not put plastic bags in recycle bins.

The proper way to recycle plastic bags is to place them in recycling bins specially marked for this purpose at supermarkets, grocery stores and major retailers. Most importantly, to stop them from being blown away by the wind during disposal, they should be properly knotted.

Spreading Eco-Friendly Knowledge of Not Dumping Plastic Bags!

Promotional reusable bags make one of the best options that can be adopted by businesses to make people aware of sustainable living. By using eco-friendly bags, companies not only get the opportunity to promote their own products and services but also to encourage eco-friendly practices in the community.

Most importantly, promotional reusable bags are considered to be the most effective tools when it comes to convincing people about the ills of plastic bags and the various types of pollution caused by their usage. Since people are increasingly becoming more environment conscious, these bags can provide customers with an environment-friendly shopping option.


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