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Fee on Plastic Bags to Promote Recycled Tote Bags in Durango

durango promote recycled tote bags

The City Council of Durango will decide the fee on plastic bags in the next meeting in July. The members will cast their votes in the meeting and come to a conclusion. The Council is planning to charge a fee of 10 cents on paper and plastic bags that are provided at supermarkets. This step has been taken by the council as a measure to promote recycled tote bags and reusable bags which will help in reducing the litter in the city. This rule is likely to come into effect from early 2014.

Opinions About the Recycled Tote Bags

This ordinance will only affect big retailers who own stores measuring more than 25,000 square feet. The Director of Corporate Communications for King Soopers City Market, Kelli McGannon said that this ordinance will put the City Market in a loss as consumers will prefer going to smaller retailers in the city for buying items like milk and bread.

Councilor Keith Brant was the only member of the council who opposed the fee on the bags. He was of the opinion that it is better to leave this contentious decision to the people of the city. The council also faced opposition from four big retailers who will be affected by this law. Those four retailers are Wal-Mart, Albertsons, and the two City Markets. Few representatives from these four retailers were also invited to attend the meeting to give their feedback on the issue. The representatives instead raised questions about how effective this plan would be in reducing the consumption of plastic.

Recycled Tote Bags to Escape the Fee

The Manager of Communication and Public Affairs for Albertsons, Paul Bancroft Turner, gave the example of other countries that have implemented such a ban but did not get expected results. He pointed out that Australia banned plastic bags but its consumption of trash bags increased after the implementation of the ban. He said the reason for this is the lack of disposable bags for throwing out garbage. He gave the example of Ireland too. Ireland has been frequently increasing the amount of fee charged on plastic bags. This is being done by the country to keep up with the incentives of using reusable bags.

The fee on bags in Durango is likely to be split between the city and the retailers. The earnings from the ordinance will be used by the retailers as well as the city for administrative costs as well as training and educating the employees. Shoppers can make use of reusable and other eco friendly bags to save themselves from the fee.


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