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Eco-Friendly Line of Accessories by Jessica Biel

jessica biel eco-friendly accessories

With eco-friendly products commanding premium value and status, Jessica Biel didn’t want to be left behind. So, the 31-year-old actress decided to launch an eco-friendly accessory line. Helping her in this enterprise is her younger brother Justin. Justin’s friend, Grason Ratowsky, is also supporting them in the new venture.

Eco-Friendly Way of Looking Stylish Like Jessica Biel

The eco-friendly cause is increasingly finding support from celebrities and corporations. The message is spreading fast. Increasingly more people are adopting an eco-friendly way of life and promoting the cause of eco-friendliness in their own way. So, it comes as a pleasant surprise that Jessica Biel is also motivated by the idea of eco-friendliness.

According to a news report in, Jessica Biel’s recently launched eco-friendly accessories line has been made possible with the support of her brother Justin and Grason, Justin’s friend. The actress and her team have come out with a stylish collection named BARE. The innovative line makes use of eco-friendly recycled raw material that is burlap coffee sacks. This raw material is sourced from across the world.

The recycled coffee sacks when transformed into stylish purses, totes, and backpacks appear enticing to the consumers who want to serve the cause of the environment. All the items in the accessories line are handmade at Colorado. Their prices range from $80 to $320 a piece. The idea of the enterprise germinated when Grason’s father gifted him a java bag bought from Costa Rica.

Justin, in an interview with the Vogue magazine, claimed the project as his passion. Jessica Biel carries a large tote as her favorite accessory and says she can’t live without it. She carries it every day to work because she feels it is scripted for her, her stuff and her character.

Jessica Biel Spreading the Message with Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

The current rage with stars and celebrities is eco-friendly promotional items. Jessica Biel is not just a consumer of eco-friendly products, but also its promoter especially since she launched her on eco-friendly accessory line. The “Total Recall” star thinks this is the most fitting project to go with her name and persona. However, she is forthright in admitting that in the past she was a “tomboy” who did not care about fashion. That was about five years ago.

Today she is more fashion conscious than any time before and the best way to combine fashion with a cause could have been adding the element of environmentalism to her persona. Eco-friendly product range, when promoted by celebrities, creates the right conditions, mood, and motivation among people. It is a fashion statement and social message at the same time. Every effort counts in the goal of reduction of trash and pollution.


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