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Organizing an Eco-friendly Backyard Party

Eco-friendly party is catching on as people are more aware of reducing waste and going green

Parties are a lot of fun, but they do tend to pollute the environment, sometimes more than you think. Organizing an eco-friendly party may come as a challenge at first, but it is actually quite easy. The Eco-friendly party is catching on now, as people are becoming more aware of the need of reducing waste and going green.

Eco-Friendly in Every Sense at Your next Backyard Party

Courtney Durfee is one such eco-friendly backyard party organizer who loves to do her part in minimizing the harm parties cause to the environment. She tries to minimize the disposable items being used in parties she organizes and sometimes eliminates them totally from usage. Other items like food, brews and party favors are locally sourced and almost all are environmentally friendly. She buys reusable plates and cups, which reduces the waste that goes in the garbage. She uses e-invites instead of printed invites and serves items that use less packaging to reduce her impact on the environment.

U.S. currently stands last in a survey done for sustainable behavior awareness in citizens of 17 countries. This can rapidly change if people go green in the smallest of ways. Buying from local vendors and using vegan menus can cut back on your impact to the ecosystem. Instead of using disposable cups and plates, use plates that can be reused, or even biodegradable flatware made of bamboo. If you area outside picnicking, a group effort can lead to less wastage. Buying only seasonal food or employing the use of eco-friendly promotional items will help to reduce the impact of growing or selling non-seasonal food. An advantage will be that you will not only get cheaper food, but fresh too, which will greatly enhance the flavor of the party. Picnickers can bring a vegan preparation to be shared with the whole party and also their own plates.

Use Custom Promotional Items at Your Eco-Friendly Backyard Party

A simple formula that will generate awareness of such sustainable behavior is the use of eco-friendly promotional items. In parties, use of eco-friendly items and food will influence other people to do the same. If the influence keeps spreading, you will get sustainable eco-friendly people who cause minimum impact on the environment around them. Promotional items that are eco-friendly will in fact help to create a curiosity for eco-friendly behavior and people will act more environmentally conscious when hosting parties, or even just going about their day.



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