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Eco-Friendly Burials Helping People to Do Their Last for the Environment

eco-friendly burials

Eco-friendly citizens of Central Texas are thinking about the day that they will be bid farewell to by all their near and dear ones on earth. Well, they aren’t really worried about dying, but are ensuing that they do their bit for the environment by choosing eco-friendly burials for their last journey.

Eco-Friendly Burials Available

Many individuals in Central Texas have been thinking seriously of what they would like at the time of their final moments on earth, namely their funeral. This isn’t something you hear of often, but these environment conscious individuals would like to ensure that they don’t leave behind a carbon footprint on their way out.

Janice King – the Director of Solace Eco Friendly Funeral Services, takes pride in the meaningful, ‘green’ funeral services that they offer. She says that most of the time she meets with the deceased person before they pass on to get an idea of what they would like. Most people choose this option as they want to minimize the burden, especially the financial strain, which their loved ones will be faced with once they pass away.

According to King, the embalming process should be avoided as it uses formaldehyde – a chemical that has an adverse effect on the environment. She also places emphasis on the fact that a casket for burial is not a legal requirement. So, she prefers to use options that are eco friendly such as organic or wicker baskets, instead of metal caskets.

When her mother Ingrid passed away, Chela Wendt-Weiland and the rest of the family decided to have her viewing in their sun room and had her placed to rest on their own land. The family had hoped she would pull through, but she lost her battle to pancreatic cancer in a short period.

Ingrid wasn’t embalmed and a biodegradable wicker casket was used for the burial. This process eased the transition phase and helped the family cope with the loss. Ingrid would have always wanted a green funeral, without any chemicals and preservatives, as learnt from her son, Klaus Weiland. The family now intends converting the burial area into a place for family and friends to come together.

Go Green Even After Death With Eco-Friendly Burials

Sustainability is the need of the hour, especially taking onto consideration the fact that the available resources are not sufficient to meet the demands of the growing population. Thus, sustainability is the only suitable alternative in sight.

Businesses play a vital role in creating awareness among the masses. The choice of eco friendly promotional items can go a long way in doing so, thus encouraging sustainable living. Such articles serve the same purpose as those made from fresh material but they carry more value since they help in encouraging people choose an eco friendly lifestyle. In addition, they also portray the good values of the business.


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