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Get an Eco-friendly Christmas Tree

eco-friendly christmas tree

Getting into Mother Nature’s ‘nice list’ can be much more difficult than getting in Santa’s good books. So why not celebrate this Christmas by doing some good to the planet and who knows, you might even end up impressing Santa? Your Christmas celebration cannot be complete without a Christmas tree. But getting a fake, plastic tree is not going to help in keeping the planet green. Such trees contain many harmful elements including lead and polyvinyl chloride.

A report in the Epoch Times revealed that on an average, one fake Christmas tree gets discarded after six to nine years. These trees ultimately end up in the landfills and take forever to biodegrade. On the other hand, real trees don’t need to be shipped unlike the fake ones and are clearly a lot more eco-friendly.

Celebrating the Holiday Differently with Non-Plastic Christmas Trees

If you too are planning to go green with your Christmas tree, you have a number of options. The easiest one is to rent an actual Christmas tree. Certain nurseries offer this option of leasing such trees. The benefits of renting a Christmas tree are many as it does not dry out unlike a chopped tree. Your pets too won’t be able to knock over it and you will get plenty of fresh air in your house.

After the celebration, you can hand back the tree to the nursery and rent it again next year. This can go on for at least seven years before the tree is planted permanently in the ground to spend the rest of its life. This option can cost you anywhere around $20 to $200, based on the tree size.

Another option you can try is buying an organic Christmas tree. When doing so, look for Christmas tree retailers approved by USDA. Growing your own Christmas tree is an equally rewarding option. You can buy a small one from any local nursery and place it indoors. Once you are done with the celebrations, you can either plant it in your garden or transfer it into a bigger pot to continue using it for following years.

Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

To make your Christmas celebration a tad more nature friendly, you can decorate it with eco-friendly promotional items. Many companies provide these promotional items at affordable prices during this time of the year. These items will not only make your Christmas tree beautiful but will also help in spreading the message of going green.


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