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Eco-friendly Options of Cleaning Your Bathroom

eco-friendly bathroom cleaning options

Keeping your bathroom clean and fresh can be quite a task. It takes a lot of scrubbing and mopping to ensure that the bathroom stays sparkling and dry. Most people tend to use strong chemicals and bathroom cleaners for this purpose. But did you know that majority of these products are full of toxins and substances that pose a potential threat not just to our bodies but also to the environment? Wondering what other option you have to clean your bathroom? Well, the secrets actually lie in your kitchen.

Natural Solutions for Cleaning Your Bathroom

You can easily free your bathroom tubs and sinks from grime and germs by mixing some baking soda with any natural dish soap. Baking soda is one of the most multi-purpose products and you can use it even for cleaning your bathroom. You just have to make a thick paste of this mixture and rub the surfaces with a tough sponge. Just rinse the cleaned area and perhaps pamper yourself with a relaxing bubble bath later.

For keeping the toilet germ-free, all you need is some salt, baking soda and vinegar. Put around a cup of baking soda in the toilet bowl and add about one-fourth cup of salt in it. Pour around one and half cups of white vinegar in it, slowly. The solution will start foaming. Allow that to happen for about 20 minutes but make sure that you do not allow it to overflow. If you notice that happening, just flush your toilet.

Bathroom floors can prove quite dangerous if left wet and grimy, specially when there are children or seniors around. To keep your bathroom tiles clean, it’s again vinegar that comes handy. Pour around one and half cups of vinegar in one gallon of warm water. Use this solution for mopping the floor. You will notice only a cleaner,glossy and disinfected bathroom floor.

Switching to Eco-Friendly Promotional Items When Cleaning Your Bathroom

Household cooking ingredients like salt, baking soda and vinegar which make your food more tasty can also be used as natural cleansers. The best part about using these is that they are safe, effective, affordable and eco-friendly. Also, there are many companies these days which offer all-natural, eco-friendly cleaning products. You can even use them, as they are a better alternative than the toxic ones. On the other hand, companies themselves can promote these eco-friendly promotional items to educate people about giving up on toxic cleansers.



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