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Eco-Friendly and Good For Business? Its in the Custom Shopping Bag!

eco-friendly good for business bag

Promotional Recycled Bags Are Good for Business and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

 People have become much more aware of the damage we do to our planet on a day to day basis. From the way we run errands and travel to our day to day activities like shopping, we are looking at the process and what it does to our environment and Mother Earth. Retailers have also taken notice of this and many have begun to implement strategies that not only help reduce the impact they have on the environment, but also encourages their customers to do the same. Its a practice that is good for the environment and good for business.One such tool are custom shopping bags. These are bags that can be used for a variety of purposes both in store and out. For example, Bath and Body Works uses custom made shopping bags in their stores instead of plastic baskets. These bags offer flexibility to the shopper in store and do not leave the environmental footprint that hard plastics do. Like a shopping cart, the bags stay in the store but cost much less to produce, are environmentally friendly and require fewer repairs than baskets and carts. Finally, these bags do not restrict range of motion making it easier to move about a crowded store.

Many retailers are also offering custom shopping bags for sale in their stores. These bags are purchased by the consumer for a small fee, typically a dollar or less, and can then be used in place of plastic or paper bags to take their purchases home. The bags are typically made of cloth with one small piece of hard plastic inserted in the bottom for weight support. While these bags are more costly than the traditional and flimsy plastic bags stores have used for years, the cost is shared with the consumer choosing to purchase the bag making it no more expensive for the store to produce and offer. This allows the consumer a choice in participating in the process. These bags also usually carry the logo of the store where it was purchased adding an advertising dimension to the product. Many stores have incentives to reuse these bags, including some supermarkets who will offer you a small discount, usually around a nickel, if you reuse the bags.

With the desire to conserve our environment and the benefits associated with the customer, now is the time for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of reusable and custom made shopping bags.

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