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Eco-friendly Honeymoon


Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality has a unique internship availability that is open only to newlyweds: it’s a honeymoon and internship rolled into one! Being a ‘Green Company’ that wanted to take its eco-friendly services to the next level, the eco-lodge started this internship in a bid to design and provide more environment-friendly honeymoon packages!

Design an Eco-Friendly Honeymoon

Newlywed couples can apply for this internship on the website, and three of them will be selected for the job. Boasting eight properties with lodges in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the selected couples can even choose their itinerary.

The lodging, meals and leisure activities at the eco-lodge would be paid for by the resort. The job of the couples would be to enjoy the experience, and then provide their own recommendations as well as suggestions to improve the package.

The couples will be in charge of testing the products they use, such as the biodegradable toiletries, the organic wine, and the bamboo linen – among others. Other than that, the couples will also have to provide their own designs and suggestions for more eco-friendly products and experiences. They will additionally have to consider and come up with answers about whether or not energy-using features (like air conditioners, for instance) are required for honeymoons – or whether an alternative is feasible.

The idea behind this internship is to design better, unique, and more environment-friendly honeymoon packages. With more and more couples preferring treks, beach clean-ups, camping trips, tree-planting activities, and other such environmental, community-based and socially aware events and trips, the Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality resort might be right on the dot with this internship and plan.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items for Events Like a Honeymoon

People are getting more socially aware and environmentally concerned. From consciously choosing eco-friendly products to being part of recycling ventures and reducing waste, people have gotten more conscious about the planet’s health. So

it only seems natural for the next phase in business to focus on how to be “greener”. Green companies are cropping up everywhere – and they’ve been doing very well. The fact that they invest in natural and eco-friendly promotional items – whether that includes natural fertilizers for farm-fresh food, bamboo window-binds, eco-friendly cosmetics, or bicycles for transport give them an edge over their competitors. It also rakes in good PR for being an environmentally conscious company that is “good for the planet”.


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