As part of a competition to build eco-friendly buildings, students from two American universities have decided to build an eco-friendly house for a wounded US veteran. This competition is an international level competition, and in order to win this competition, the university students need to design and build structures that have eco friendly promotional items used in them.

An Eco-Friendly House for the Veteran

The project to construct an eco-friendly house for the US veteran has been taken up by the students from the Catholic University of America and the American University. Students from both these universities have collaborated with GW in order to make the entire structure. The students are planning on making this house energy-efficient, and they have narrowed down a budget of approximately $300,000 for this project.

As for the design of the house, the students have decided to build a one-bedroom house for the veteran. The students feel that a single bedroom house would be better for the veteran, and it would be simpler to customize as well. The students are planning on making handicap ramps in this house, and they are also thinking of using energy-efficient features such as solar panels in it. The students are going to use a lot of recycled construction material to set up the basic structure, and they are also planning on including a garden to the structure.

The team that is going to construct this house consists of 75 students. These students have been divided into different groups, including the landscaping department, interior design department, and communication department. These students are going to compete with 19 other teams that are taking part in the competition.

The Importance of Promotional Items in Eco-Friendly House Construction

A GW Senior and an Interior Design Major, Lauren Wingo, is extremely proud of the students who have taken up the initiative to build an eco-friendly house for a US veteran. She feels eco-friendly construction has a bright future, and more architects should experiment with it. She is happy that the students have taken up the initiative to experiment with eco-friendly architectural designs, as this is a challenging task for them.

According to professional architects, at present, many individuals prefer building homes with eco-friendly features, as they are concerned about their environmental footprint, and they feel that eco-friendly homes are more economical for the long run. The industry for eco-friendly construction is going to grow tremendously in the coming few years, as many are expected to experiment with it.