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Ditch Your Briefcase For Our Eco-Friendly Messenger Bags!

Your clients will love our eco-friendly messenger bags!

Custom Earth Promos’ eco-friendly messenger bags solve the problem of every commuter in this simple, environmentally conscious purchase. Living in a big city, briefcases and messenger bags are a constant topic and source of status for those that equate it to their job. However, messenger bags and briefcases can often be a constant source of frustration, as they are often poorly made, with cumbersome leather and unnecessary straps. Our eco-friendly messenger bags are the alternative to the traditional briefcase, as they measure thirteen inches high by thirteen inches wide, and have a thickness of ten ounces. Our eco-friendly messenger bags have a convenient fabric for everyday purposes that allows multiple, convenient ways to carry it, and the bag is machine washable, making it an extremely manageable, no fuss bag. There is also an adjustable side strap that Additionally, our eco-friendly messenger bags are an eco-friendly choice that is biodegradable and reusable, meaning that when the bag has worn out, it can be added to your compost heap, and goes back into the same earth that’s materials it used.

Eco-Friendly Messenger Bags Are Convenient for Everyday Use!

Custom Earth Promos strives to not only offer the highest quality products available, but products that meet the highest environmental standard. With the amount of eco consciousness that is put into making the eco-friendly messenger bags, they are no exception. Our eco-friendly messenger bags make a great promotional product in addition to being a great overall bag, as they have a generous imprint area of ten inches by eight inches, ensuring maximum brand visibility. You are sure to make an impression on your clients with your commitment to the environment, putting your organization’s logo on such an environmentally friendly product. When shopping for a promotional product, look no further than Custom Earth Promos’ eco-friendly messenger bags. Call Custom Earth Promos directly for wholesale pricing on our eco-friendly messenger bags or any of our other great promotional products!

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