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Eco-friendly Modern Home Designing

eco-friendly home

Stacy and Erik Jorgensen are trying to make sure that their company ‘Bevara’ stays synonymous with its meaning. For the duo, who have a unique passion for modern home designing such as sustainable furnishings and accessories, bevara stands for ‘preserve, protect and maintain’.

A major life-changing event is what inspired Stacy and her family to take on sustainable lifestyle. It was in 2007 that Stacy was detected with breast cancer. Her mother had passed away 12 years ago with the same disease. According to Stacy, the future becomes a blur vision when you face such circumstances. She decided to make a lifestyle change which involved the elimination of all chemicals, rubber and other compounds from her home space that were potentially harmful for Stacy as well as her children’s health.

Contemporary Durable Design and Modern Home Designing

Stacy says it was very difficult for them to find a contemporary design for a house that was made of organic materials. They also needed it to be durable enough with their two children around. The lack of availability of such options back the, gave them the idea to actually design what exactly they were looking for. Their innovative approach gave birth to Bevara on the back of Pangaea Imports, Jorgensens’s first company.

Helping small communities survive as well as giving returns to partners are two main objectives of this eco-friendly project. Working with craftsmen and fine artists, they manufacture eco-friendly items for homes-furnishings, décor, utility and so on. For instance, the new Bevara blankets and rugs are made from alpaca hair, sourced from the Pacific Northwest. Similarly, they have collaborated with a company called Coyuchi, for organic bedding.

Promoting Modern Home Designing Collection with Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Bevara has introduced a new collection of beds and dressers which is a brilliant amalgamation of the clean arty design sense of the brand and the contrasted granules of American black walnut. The couple travels abroad to get woods which are difficult to otherwise get hold of, such as teak. This is used to make some of their signature pieces like Bluhm Credenza ($2,400).

The majority of Bevara’s furniture production takes place in North Carolina. They have also reused waste metal to build tractor parts as well as NASCAR cars. This was done for their Fuze line of tables and benches.

Apart from following sustainable techniques, the company also uses eco-friendly promotional items to promote eco-friendly ideas and products. Bevara designs are created keeping in mind environmental safety. The use of organic materials for creating a healthy and safe environment at home is the main aim of the company.


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