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Cartons Make for Eco-friendly Packaging

eco-friendly green packaging cartons

With awareness about the need to protect the environment increasing by the day, consumers are demanding the eco-friendly packaging, whether it is at the grocer’s or at any take-away food joint. The key factors that drive the need for using eco-friendly packaging is the devastating emission of greenhouse gasses and the continued pollution from energy and fossil fuel related emissions.

What Makes It Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Of all the packaging materials available, the best is probably the environmentally friendly carton, which is made from the best renewable resource available – wood. Today’s technology allows packaging materials to be made with 70 percent of this wonderful, natural material and the rest comprising other additives that are equally eco-friendly as well as safe for packaging food products. Unlike plastic, which has a long-term harmful toxic effect, especially on food that comes directly in contact with it.

The advantage with using such eco-friendly materials is that up to 63 percent of CO2 emissions are saved, and the consumption of fossil fuels is drastically reduced by nearly 69 percent. According to Michael Hecker, head of group environment at SIG Combibloc, the makers of eco-friendly items like food packaging products, raw materials and other such packaging products, the company has ambitious targets ahead. Constantly researching on how to improve the eco-friendliness of the products manufactured, the company hopes to contribute substantially towards protecting the environment, and creating general awareness.

He said that the consumers of today look at food packaging from a totally different angle than they did a few years ago. Aware of the ubiquitous plastic that has invaded our lives totally, they also realize the harmful effects of the toxic material not just on the environment, but on personal health as well. So much so that they understand that packaging plays a very important role in protecting lives. Thus a concentrated effort on the part of the legislators, consumers and packaging companies can find an everlasting solution for protecting the environment.

Make the Most of Recycled Promotional Items with Eco-Friendly Packaging

It is said that charity begins at home, hence it is up to us to lead by example and shun plastic and embrace eco-friendly items that provide the answer to the environmental woes we have brought upon ourselves. Companies manufacturing packaging products could also switch to producing eco-friendly promotional items, thus stemming the rot at the origin itself. It is probably the free availability of cheap plastic that encourages store owners and take-away food centers to use such products. All hope is not lost; we can still turn to nature to provide us with a solution.


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