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Eco-Friendly Registry of San Francisco now has Apple on the List


The city of San Francisco is extremely motivated and active when it comes to being eco-friendly. The use of reusable and seed paper bags is already widely seen all across San Francisco.  The residents are now attacking bigger organizations to turn eco-friendly.

Apple Products Boycotted in San Francisco

On June 29th, Apple had decided not to be a part of the EPEAT, which is the green electronics registry of San Francisco. EPEAT is a standard that was created by environmental activist groups, governmental agencies and manufactures that mandates electronics to be made in methods easily recyclable.

Ironically, Apple was among the organizations that helped create these standards. When the company decided to withdraw from the list, other members were slightly offended and more disappointed.

The company openly stated that it didn’t plan on being a part of the list or submitting its products for rating in the future. Following this statement several San Francisco leaders promised to boycott Apple products to show how green their city is. The boycott did make the desired impact and produced great results.

Things have turned around since June, and Apple recently changed its mind and decided to work with EPEAT. The company’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, Bob Mansfield stated that a large percentage of Apple’s loyal customers were disappointed after it pulled of 39 products from EPEAT.

San Francisco Promotes Recycle-Friendly Products Like Seed Paper Items

The EPEAT registry list requires electronics to be designed in a fashion that can be easily recycled. Some of the products from Apple including the iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro are not up to EPEAT standards, but the other products of Apple that do live up to the registry’s requirements will be registered.

Apple has witnessed a significant percentage of success after rejoining EPEAT. The company’s shares are said to have risen by $7.66 or 1.3 percent.

The city is known for its use of items that are recycle-friendly from reusable bags to eco-friendly toys. San Francisco believes that by using products that are often thrown away with neglect, a second life is given to them apart from the resources of the environment that are being saved in the manufacture of new products.

Apart from EPEAT, the people of the city are using reusable bags to shop instead of single use plastic bags which end up in water bodies and landfills, polluting and damaging the environment.


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