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Eco-friendly Tourism in North Carolina

eco-friendly north carolina tourism

North Carolina and 38 other states are looking at eco-friendly tourism options for vacations. These states are of the view that most tourists seek natural beauty while selecting their travel destinations. That is why protecting the natural assets of a state can prove beneficial to tourism.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Tourism in North Carolina

According to a survey conducted by in 2011, 47% of all tourists consider eco-friendliness while looking at travel options. Tourism is one of the sectors that drive an economy. As such, introducing eco friendly promotional items in the tourism sector can benefit the industry greatly. According to the owners of an inn in Durham, environment-friendly policies can significantly increase the revenue of businesses. It puts the business in the high opinion of a tourist, and the eco-friendly technologies are also very cost-efficient. But there is no comprehensive database where tourists can find green restaurants or hotels which serve local produce. So the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has started a program in North Carolina to make them easier to locate.

A Program to Promote Eco Friendly Promotional Items among Tourists

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources of North Carolina launched a program called NC GreenTravel in 2011. This program aims at bringing all the information about green businesses under one database. Hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, or any business that deals in eco friendly promotional items can join this program for free. They can apply by just completing a survey that illustrates the eco-friendly practices followed by them. The review committee then checks the survey, rates the business according to how eco-friendly they are, and lists them on their website.

The businesses that have signed up with the program have contributed a lot toward the convenience of the travelers looking for environment-friendly options for their travel. According to the owners of Durham inn, travelers compliment them all the time on the good job they are doing. Though the initial cost of setting up their eco-friendly inn was high, the revenues have paid it all back since the inn now has more occupancy than other leading hotels.

Most of the green businesses are not aware of this program, though. It has been 18 months now but only 56 businesses are listed on the website. Many businesses also think that the registration process may be too complicated. This is not so, and the businesses that have not joined are missing out on a great opportunity. Numerous tourists check the website to search for eco-friendly vacation options. Being listed on the website accounts for free advertising, and businesses should definitely take advantage of that.


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