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Keep a Track of Time with an Eco-friendly Watch

stylish sustainable eco-friendly watch

If you are among the eco-friendly enthusiasts, here is a good news for you. A new bamboo watch design has been created by Ryan Chaffin, who calls the watch stylish as well as sustainable. This is definitely not the first time that such an eco-friendly watch has been launched in the market, but according to the designer this watch is the most eco-friendly one of them all.

A fruitful journey for Chaffin

Chaffin explains his thoughts by saying that his watch makes use of bamboo which can be harvested every two-five years as compared to other wooden watches which use wood of trees that require around 30 years to regrow.

Presently, Chaffin has his own company, NFNT in Orangevale. He started this company while he was a student at BYU Hawaii. He began by designing a clock that he calls ‘Big Face Woody’. Soon after, he launched NFNT. His wife too has joined him in his business. In fact, he got the idea of designing an eco-friendly watch when his wife gifted him one soon after their marriage and he thought that he can bring in some improvements in it.

Chaffin also shared the fear that he had before launching the design. He was a little nervous thinking about the kind of response his idea would get, about the failure of the design and so on. But his wife Ariel was supportive all throughout and gave him the much needed push when he was going weak.

Chaffin’s goal was to reach $11,000 with the sales which he managed to reach in as less as 11 hours. In his 30-day campaign, he managed to sell around 1300 watches with which he cashed in more than $100,000. He was equally amazed by watching his creation get attention on the social media when people started tweeting about the watch. Chaffin was overwhelmed to see the response and is presently working on some more designs on the same lines.

Companies should extensively use eco-friendly promotional items

Every businessperson aims of creating a successful brand but very few actually think about doing something substantial for the environment. Business owners like Ryan Chaffin are doing a great job as they are not just taking from the environment but also returning something to it. Companies can help to a large extent in keeping the environment sustainable by following small steps. Apart from coming up environmental awareness programs, they can also use eco-friendly promotional items to promote their business as well as encourage sustainable habits among shoppers.


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