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Elements of an Eco-Friendly Workplace

eco-friendly workplace elements

Workplaces are increasingly turning green. Some of the eco-friendly workplace practices include community gardens, installation of solar arrays, and free bikes to employees to promote its use. Organizations like AEO, EVI, and Green America have come together to conduct surveys on green workplace. The survey evidences the profitability that goes with the adoption of a green workplace.

A Survey on Green Businesses in an Eco-Friendly Workplace

On May 29, an awards luncheon was held in Oregon for “100 Best Green Companies to Work For”. The discussion highlighted a large number of workplace green practices. Some of these green practices like use of motorcycles, installation of solar arrays, and onsite community gardens are becoming popular among employees. The event was followed a week later by the nation wide survey on green practices being adopted by the companies. The survey was the first of its kind that surveyed over 1300 businesses.

The poll examined the impact of green products and services on businesses. In other words, the survey was carried out to find out whether sales increased or decreased in response to the adoption of green practices. The survey was designed by Dr. Julie Cincotta. The survey result could inform whether workplace green practices made the businesses less competitive or more competitive. The survey findings can have implications for businesses, especially the businesses going green.

The Results of the Survey on Promotional Items Used in Eco-Friendly Workplace

The result of the survey has a clear implication for the use of eco friendly promotional items in workplaces. Three-fourth of small businesses participating in the survey stated that during the recent economic downturn, the sale of their green services and products increased. The greener companies achieved better sales. The findings of the report were presented by Enterprise Opportunity, EcoVentures, and Green America who found that over a decade the green market has considerably expanded. While the conventional building market shrunk by 17 percent, the market share of green building has grown by 1700 percent. A similar trend is discernible in the market for organic food enhanced by approximately 240 percent while the non-organic sector of the food market has expanded by barely 33 percent.

There were 1305 respondents in the survey. They were grouped into three groups based on the green qualities of their services and products, as well as action steps adopted by them toward green practices. So the deep green companies (27 percent) that adopted more intense green practices and services reported better performance in every parameter, in comparison to the light green companies (38 percent). About 35 percent of the companies in the survey were grouped under medium green category.


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