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When Looking for Reliable Technology, go for the Eco Grove USB Drive!

Our eco grove USB drive makes it easy to save documents!

Every year it seems that things become more reliant on technology, which can be both a good and bad thing. The convenience of technology is unquestionable, but the flip side of it is that it relies on external factors that you have no control over. If you really need to make a phone call and the wireless service is out, you’re probably out of luck until it gets resolved. Despite all of the progress that cloud servers and remote access devices have made, they still rely on some basic things like internet to work. Custom Earth Promos now offers the eco grove USB drive, an innovative promotional device available in beautiful wood finishes like bamboo, rosewood, maple, and walnut. The eco grove USB drive is organic and makes a great statement about your organization’s commitment and connection to the environment. We provide various storage capacities so that your customers can use it day-to-day. The eco grove USB drive is one and a half inches wide by a half inch high, with an imprint area of one and a half inches by a half inch for maximum brand visibility, as your logo can cover the entirety of the drive. As an added benefit, the eco grove USB drive is designed to prevent dust or other particles from getting into the drive or your computer, making it safer and more reliable than many other available USB drives available. The eco grove USB drive also offers a feature where you can pre load one hundred mega bytes of data for the user to see when they slide the drive in, offering another platform of consumer engagement.

Eco Grove USB Drive Is a Small Innovative Promotion Tool

Custom Earth Promos strives to offer not only the highest quality products, but products that are up to the highest environmental standards, the eco grove USB drive being no exception. The eco grove USB drive is made from 100% recycled wood, and comes equipped with Tier 1 chips. Rush services and free samples are available upon request. Custom packaging with imprint is also available. Call Custom Earth Promos directly to speak to one of our staff members regarding pricing on eco grove USB drive or for questions on any of our other great products!

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