When we think of going green, businesses take many steps to do the right thing. They can install solar panels, reclaim rainwater, use recycled materials, and more. However, eco-friendly packaging often gets left out of the conversation. Learning more about how this segment of the business world works could revolutionize your business. You can read about incoming French packaging laws here. And, they might impact laws in the U.S.

Check out Custom Earth Promos for more information on eco-friendly packaging and how it can impact your business and community. You can turn to recycled totes, reusable bags, and much more to help make a difference.

What is Eco-Packaging?

Eco-packaging is an effort to make the packaging inside—everything—as green as possible. The new laws in France require more cardboard and less plastic. Apple is going green, and it helps the company cut down on consumption while also appealing to a younger audience.

Any company can do this, and your company might be next on the list. You don’t need motivation from local laws—but they could be coming.

How Can Your Business Make a Difference With Packaging?

Your business can make a difference by thinking about what it consumes. If you produce materials, use cardboard or some other recyclable materials to package your goods. Cut out plastic bags. Drop the styrofoam peanuts. No more molded plastic. There are several changes you can make.

At the same time, you can pitch this to your customers as a selling point. Telling your customers that you take “ABC” steps to achieve “XYZ” environmental goals is smart. It shows them you’re making an effort, and it gives them confidence in your mission.

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