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Saltwater Brewery Creates Edible Six-Pack Rings

saltwater brewery

Saltwater Brewery is an all pure and organic company based out of Delray Beach, Florida, and is making major waves in the news. They started up business in 2013 and dedicated themselves to give special care to their hand crafted beer. They give back to the ocean through many ocean based charities like CCA, Surfrider, Ocean Foundation, MOTE, and more recently with using their edible six-pack rings.

Edible Six-Pack Rings will Reinvent the Plastic Wheel

Recently, Saltwater Brewery has stated that they have created edible six-pack rings, made from wheat and barley, which is all that’s what’s left over from making their beer, and will be used for their craft beers. This is a perfect addition to their organic company. They are thinking of more than just reducing plastic waste, but reducing the amount of helpless animals that get stuck inside of a plastic ring!

Plastic can ring holders that end up in the ocean have been harming birds, fish and other wildlife ever since they were created. Animals can get stuck inside of these for years and years while even having their body grow around them. But, these new rings are said to be 100% biodegradable and compostable, along with being edible.

Help Save the Ocean with Edible Six-Pack Rings

Saltwater Brewery says that these edible biodegradable rings will not be as cost efficient, but may eventually go down in price when big name companies start to use them. Hopefully, over time these new six-pack rings start popping up more and more nowadays with people trying to go more eco-friendly. Even if you don’t have the access to these edible six-pack rings yet, you shouldn’t forget to recycle your plastic ones, along with going to Custom Earth Promos’ website for all your other eco-friendly needs!


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