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El Cerrito Hopes to Encourage Use of Bamboo Grocery Bags by Banning Plastic Bags and Containers

el cerrito ban plastic bags

After a long wait, El Cerrito is finally ready to be plastic-free. The El Cerrito City Council recently approved two of the ordinances that suggested a restriction on the use of plastic containers and bags in the city.

El Cerrito All Geared to Be Plastic Free by Using Bamboo Grocery Bags

According to the new law, all the restaurants and stores in the city will be prohibited from using polystyrene food containers and plastic bags. Both the ordinances will be presented again in the council for a second formal reading after which they will be approved. This new law will come into effect from January 1 of next year but it will have to wait till July 1 to be enforced in the city.

The manager of city’s environmental services and operations, Garth Schultz said that this period of six months is required by the officials to educate and inform the local businesses and stores about both the new ordinances. He also said that this grace period will even prove beneficial to the businessmen and store owners of the city to get their necessary supplies and change the way they operate.

A brief summary of the new ordinance has already been put up on the official website of the city. It states that this ordinance has been introduced with the aim of reducing the use of plastic bags by retailers as well as consumers. It also aims to promote the use of recyclable and reusable bags like cloth bags, totes, bamboo grocery bags, and so on.

Apart from this, the ordinance also restricts free supply of plastic bags to customers at the city stores. It also does not permit retailers to supply paper bags that have less than 40 percent of recycled material. They can supply recycled paper bags to their customers at 5 cents per bag.

The main aim of the ordinance on food container is to stop customers and retailers from using food containers made from expanded polystyrene foam. It aims at encouraging them to use recyclable, reusable, or compostable food ware instead.

Bamboo Grocery Bags and Cloth Bags Are Far Better Substitutes for Plastic Bags

The businessmen and store owners of the city did not oppose the ordinance during the hearing. The residents of the city too are looking forward to the law as they think they can easily replace plastic bags with reusable and recyclable bags. So it seems that the people of El Cerrito have welcomed the ordinance as it will help in making their city a cleaner place.

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