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Electric Cars Not as Eco-Friendly As They Claim to Be

electric cars not eco-friendly

For years, environmentalists have been advocating the use of electric cars instead of gasoline-operated cars. However, researchers now state that electric cars may not be all that eco-friendly as they are promoted to be. These cars could be responsible for an equal amount of damage to the environment as traditional gasoline-fueled vehicles.

What Exactly Do These Electric Cars Do?

When electric cars were invented, it was believed that they had the ability to minimize pollution and fossil fuel dependence. Scholars such as Ozzie Zehner, who focus on environmental issues, initially agreed with this theory. However, they now feel that the electric car was overhyped.

According to Zehner’s article in the prestigious publication – the IEEE Spectrum, only the charging system of the car is not enough to determine if it is a clean car or not. Zehner agrees that charging is an important factor but states that when considering the impact a vehicle has on the environment, the overall picture must be taken into consideration – right from the construction stage to its disposal. When all these aspects are studied, a switch from gasoline-fueled cars to electric cars really doesn’t matter.

The lightweight materials needed to produce an electric car’s batteries consume a lot of energy to produce and process. In addition, the materials used in these batteries emit toxic chemicals if they are not handled properly.

The magnets used in the motors of some electric cars contain uncommon earth metals. The extraction process for these metals is rather uneconomical and harmful to the environment.

In addition to the above facts, a Norwegian study that looked at the entire lifespan of electric cars noted that the performance of electric cars was either at par or worse than modern internal combustion vehicles in spite of virtually zero emissions during operation.

These facts have proved that electric cars are not as eco-friendly as they have been advertised to be. Still, they receive subsidies from governments all over the world. In addition, people who drive electric cars can avoid the traffic faced by owners of gasoline-fueled cars since some states give them a special lane status. But it’s time to accept that electric cars aren’t that good for the environment after all.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Used in Transport and Electric Cars

Eco-friendly promotional items are a wonderful way of promoting environmental awareness. Transport and automobile companies have started providing its customers with eco-friendly products such as key chains, recycled seat covers, and vehicle covers that carry the logo and the name of the company. When environmental issues are a matter of priority, these promotional items help create awareness on protecting the environment. This has a long-term effect on the profits of the company since customers prefer to choose brands that support environmental causes.

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