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Enjoy Wine Country With Custom Reusable Wine Bags

Reusable Wine Bags

Summer time is among the most popular time of year to visit wineries. Areas, specifically in the state of Washington and California open their vineyards and people from all over the country, as well as other parts of the globe flock to these regions to enjoy the newest vintages produced by the famous vineyards. Many east coasters use their vacation days in the summer to flee their respective cities and head out west. The 2004 film Sideways helped to make the Nappa region infamous as the two lead characters Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church make their way through California’s wine country drinking, and going on a journey of self-discovery before Thomas Haden Church’s character is expected to tie the knot. After this film came out despite the many pitfalls the characters experience, the number of visitors to the region spiked given the film’s popularity. This time of year, the tourism in Washington and California provides a temporary but significant boost to the state’s economy. Natural factors, especially in California, have made an impact on the state’s vineyards, specifically the drought that is sweeping the West Coast, and in some cases not providing enough water to the sweeping crops of grapes. This trend in recent summers has caused great concern amongst winemakers in California, as the continual drought threatens their industry to a greater degree every summer.

Reusable Wine Bags Are Great Eco-Friendly Promotional Tools

With the increasing risk of the decreasing grape crop, especially in California, many experts have encouraged those interested in wine to go to the region while there is still a significant output of wine. One recommendation to make your trip more exciting if you decide to head to wine country, even as the summer is winding down. Bring along a reusable wine bag to carry your bottles in. Custom Earth Promos makes a wide range of recycled wine bags in a variety of styles and materials that can handle from two to six bottles. Not only do these bags make a great accompaniment on your next trip to wine country, but they can easily be ordered with your company or organization’s logo to give as a gift at your next function or fundraiser. Enjoy wine country with custom reusable wine bags!

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