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Recycling and Reusing for Environmental Conservation

environmental conservation recycling and reusing

Recycling and reusing is basically a responsible effort towards the environment for saving depleting resources like water and energy. It also creates job opportunities apart from drastically reducing waste.

The Benefits of Recycling and Reusing

Less waste results in more landfill space. Global warming effects are also kept in check, water pollution is reduced and wildlife is protected. Paper contributes to most of the world’s trash. Paper trash includes magazines, packaging material, catalogs, newspapers, educational material, phone books and fliers.

Both water and energy are conserved when paper is recycled. About 7000 gallon of water is known to be saved by making a ton of paper out of recycled fibers. Energy consumption is also cut down in paper mills when paper is recycled rather than manufactured from timbers.

Production of plastic products from materials that are recycled involves much lesser energy than creating products from raw materials. The energy is now made available for manufacturing other products.

Using partially recycled glass for making glass containers saves energy that can be channelized as electricity for homes.

An Individual’s Role: Recycling and Reusing and Using Wholesale Recycled Bags

An individual can do his part to make a difference to the environment by recycling commonly used items. Glass bottles, aluminum cans, soft drink bottles, plastic bottles and paper can be recycled to saves energy enough for lighting bulbs, powering TVs and computers.

Effective disposal of electronic waste is a major problem. Old electronic components contribute to toxic waste; so, it is important to dispose them at outlets that accept e-waste so that they can be recycled. The generally accepted e-waste includes compact fluorescent bulbs and rechargeable batteries.

In an individual’s perspective, recycling brings in income. Many objects strewn around in the house are unused or to be discarded. These objects can be recycled to generate a good income. Some of the products that fall into this category are ink cartridges, PDAs and cell phones. Even communities reap the benefit of reduced expenses of recycling and waste disposal.

Community building can be done through recycling programs because most of the communities these days are concerned about the environment. People are thus forming organizations and initiating recycling programs to help the community at a large.

Awareness is spread on the benefits of recycling and wholesale reusable bags are distributed. On a large scale, recycling helps build the country’s economy. Job opportunities are created, energy consumption is cut down and resources are conserved.


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