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Environmental Group Replaces Custom Printed Plastic Bags with Canvas Bags

environmental group canvas bags

With more and more organizations supporting eco-friendly practices and ditching plastic, academic institutions are not far behind. At Creighton University, the environmental group, Creighton’s Center for Service and Justice, has devised a plan to replace plastic bags with reusable canvas bags to reduce the usage of plastic bags on campus.

Initiative Taken by the Environmental Group

The Brandies-and-Becker dining halls at the university campus have some ‘Simply To-Go’ stations which give out breakfast and lunch to students who don’t find sufficient time to sit and eat in the dining halls. These meals are handed out in plastic bags, resulting in a whole lot of plastic waste which ends up in landfills.

Some students at the University noticed this plastic menace and thought of doing something about it. And the idea of replacing plastic bags with canvas bags was born. These students suggested that during welcome week, when New Student Orientation is held, every freshman would be given a canvas bag of their own. The meal plan of these students would be inclusive of the cost of the bag.

Whenever a student would need to pick up a meal from the ‘To-Go’ station, he would be required to bring his/her own canvas bag for the purpose. If someone happened to forget their bag, they could pay a small amount and ‘rent’ a reusable canvas bag.

This plan has not yet been implemented, but the group of students working on this plan has brought this idea to the notice of students as well as those in authorities who can play an important role in the execution of this plan.

Replacing plastic bags with reusable canvas bags could surely help the university campus become more eco-friendly. It also reflects the trend of going green catching up fast with students who now want to make a change for a better and greener future.

Students Environmental Group Need to Recycle Custom Printed Plastic Bags

It is heartening to see that students are understanding their responsibility towards the planet and trying to bring about such changes. Yet, using reusable bags is only a small step in this direction. They can try recycling custom printed plastic bags. Recycling these bags would also help reduce plastic usage as well as plastic waste.

Students are, after all, a huge force to reckon with and have the potential to make a lot of changes. Going green is just one of them. The ideas as well as efforts of the students of Creighton University are definitely laudable if they are able to implement the plan successfully.


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