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Environmentally Friendly and Popular Seed Paper

environmentally friendly popular seed paper

Eco-Friendly Seed Paper


More people are becoming more aware of their environment and exactly what things are doing to their environment. Society is no longer ignoring the ecological impact that humans have on earth. In this new eco-friendly trend that is sweeping the world the need for greener things is emerging greater then ever before. The trend is sweeping all aspects of our industry dependent world from green cars to green paper. One of these green discoveries that are trying to change the world one step at a time is with some popular seed paper.

Paper is one of the most used products in the United States. Americans use it for almost everything they do in daily life. It is used for using the bathroom, paper plates, paper cups, receipts, letters, books, homework, business cards, greeting cards and so many other things that are too numerous to list. The daily life of the average person revolves around paper more so then it does around precious oil. As a waist product, paper is ideal because it is biodegradable. Unlike plastic which does not disintegrate with time, paper disintegrates in relatively short amount of time. In order to get this desired product millions of trees have to be sacrificed. Trees that we need to survive.


This new paper is a creative way to make paper with an ecologically wise purpose. Seed paper is a paper infused with seeds. The seeds that are mixed in with the paper are completely useable seeds. Once the paper is finished being used it can be planted and it will grow into plants. It is an excellent way to give back to the earth in a completely sensible way. It gives new meaning to the concept of recycling.

It is simpler and more hands on then turning in a bag of cans to your local recycling center. It is a way that a person can actively take control of helping their environment, instead of always handing it off for other people to take care of. A person can see the results of their recycling when the seeds grow. The average consumer, business, or group can feel good about using products made from this specialized paper product. It is the perfect way to announce that the environment is important. It is the little things that people do everyday that make a big difference in the end.

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