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Donation Program in Eugene to Hand out Promotional Totes to Residents with Low Income

promotional totes to low income residents

Alan Zelenka, the City Councilor of Eugene, along with Mayor Kitty Piercy held an unveiling event in the city recently. Under this program, they provided free reusable bags to the residents with low income. This was done keeping in mind the plastic ban that was implemented in the city in May 2013.

Impact of the Promotional Totes Program

The program was held at Public Service Building of Lane County and was preceded by Piercy, Zelenka, Beverlee Hughes, and Joe Gilliam. Hughes is the Executive Director at Food for LaneCounty and Gilliam is the Northwest Grocery Association’s President.

While promoting the ban, Zelenka said that this program was a measure to help the residents in the lower income group. The current ban charges five cents on paper bags at retail stores. Roundabout sixty seven million plastic bags were being used by the residents of Eugene before the implementation of the ban.

The residents have one concern with the ban, though. They are finding it inconvenient to dispose their pet waste. Nikole Gipps, a resident facing trouble in disposing her pet waste, said that this ban has led to a shortage of pet pick-up bags. She feels that very soon people may just stop picking up their pet waste because of the shortage of bags.

Welcoming the Ban With Promotional Totes

The supporters of the ban feel that the ban on plastic bags and a fee on paper bags given out at the stores will encourage people to opt for promotional totes that are reusable and recyclable. They also feel it will bring a change in the behavior of the people. Dave Bullard, a resident of the city, said that he has started shopping in Junction City after the implementation of the ban. Another resident, Tlingit Ladie, is happy with the ban and is of the opinion that it is worth the adjustment. But she feels that charging fee on the paper bags needs to be stopped.

There are some residents who have had the habit of recycling much before it became a trend. Angie Medrano, one such resident, said that she stopped using plastic years ago. She added that people may take some time to get used to the ban as most of them are unprepared for it. There are others, like Bill Morrison, who think that the authorities should introduce a bag return policy if they charge for the paper bags. This will encourage people to start carrying reusable bags to save themselves the trouble.

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