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Maintain Your Workout Routine With the Fantasia Bottle!

You will love the fantasia bottle

This time of year, it can be especially hard to get motivated to stay on your workout schedule. But with all of the Holiday parties with good food surrounding you, its more important than ever to make sure you stay on your routine! Custom Earth Promos suggests the fantasia bottle! The fantasia bottle fits twenty five ounces of water or your favorite energy drink or pre-workout mix, and comes in orange, lime green, blue, white, and red. It is made from Tritan composition making it recyclable and robust, and ensuring that the fantasia bottle will stand the test of time. The fantasia bottle is environmentally friendly to uphold conversation of the earth, and is BPA free and does not cause hormonal disruptions or associated disorders. The fantasia bottle even features a handy drinking spout fixed to the bottle’s top lid.

Go BPA Free with the Eco-Friendly Fantasia Bottle!

Custom Earth Promos strives to not only make the highest quality products available, but products that meet the highest environmental standards. Our fantasia bottle is no exception. With an eight and a quarter imprint area, the fantasia bottle makes an excellent promotional product that ensures maximum brand visibility. Contact Custom Earth Promos directly for wholesale pricing on the fantasia bottle or any of our other great promotional products!

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