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Farmers Market Sells Discount Reusable Bags

farmers market reusable bags

The city of Napa, California might well implement a ban on single-use plastic bags next year. However, that will depend on whether or not the consideration of the Napa City Council on this ban is favorably passed through. If it is approved and passed, it would be a great way to reduce the environmental and community hazards that single-use plastic bags cause in the area.

Napa Might Go Plastic-Free by Using Custom Reusable Bags

In an effort to reduce the use of plastic bags in Napa, California, the City Council is considering a single-use plastic bag ban. If passed, then the Napa Farmers Market would be selling reusable mesh bags to store the goods instead of plastic bags. The Napa Farmers Market is already selling reusable grocery bags in fact, along with reusable mesh sacks to carry produce.

The mesh bags come with a drawstring. Customers can store fruits and vegetables in them, wash them directly under a tap, and then store the goods in the refrigerator – all without even taking the fruits and vegetables out of the bags! Additionally, these great reusable bags are also machine-washable, allowing customers to reuse them for a long time to come.

The ordinance has not been applied to grocery plastic bags as of yet, but the Farmers Market is doing everything they can to encourage people to use reusable bags instead. The idea is to help transition customers to start getting used to reusable bags instead of plastic bags, and thereby greatly reduce the use of single-use plastic bans.

In fact, on June 4, 2015, the City of Napa and Sustainable Napa County are accommodating a community meeting regarding the proposed city ban to address questions and clarify how to help the transition of using reusable bags for both businesses and consumers.

If this ordinance is passed, it will massively help reduce the problem of single-use plastic bags littering up the landscape and water bodies, and filling up the land-fills. Only a small percentage of these plastic bags are recycled in the end, and they even damage the recycling equipment by gumming up the works. Hence, cutting down on plastic bag usage as a whole will tremendously help both the environment and the city.

Promote Your Company by Distribution of Discount Reusable Bags

The Napa Farmers Market initiative is aimed at reducing the use of plastic bags and helping people and businesses alike to transition to eco-friendly reusable bags. Discount reusable bags being provided in stores will certainly help this venture. Plus, it will make the ensuing ban on plastic bags next year much easier to adjust to. Once people are accustomed to using reusable bags, then continuing to follow that lifestyle is much easier.


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