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Environment Friendly Street Fair in Ferndale

ferndale eco-friendly street fair

Many cities are opting for an environment friendly approach to ensure a better environment. Ferndale is one such city that is paying special attention to recycling with festivals such as the DIY Street Fair that allows people to showcase their talent while encouraging waste reduction and recycling among the citizens.

Ferndale’s Environment Friendly Do-It-Yourself Street Fair

The DIY Street Fair on West 9 Mile at Woodward in Ferndale was a huge success with approximately two hundred musicians, artists, crafters, and culinary professionals in attendance. It was truly an environment conscious celebration of the do-it-yourself movement that has been revived, in the midst of the recession.

Recycling bins were placed all around the venue and visitors were encouraged to throw their empty beverage and food containers into them. The website also requested patrons to bring along their own containers for water, available at the public chillers.

Chris Johnston and his wife Krista – the owners of Woodward Avenue Brewers and Emory Restaurants in Ferndale are determined to do their best to protect the planet. The attendees get to enjoy the fair at no cost as all while the organizers pay an hourly fee of ten dollars to employees to segregate paper, cardboard, glass and plastic for recycling. Chris said that they don’t want to trash the town they work and live in.

The street fair does not just focus on recycling but serves as a platform for the locals to showcase their talent in the form of innovative ideas and products and progressive business ventures.

The General Manager of SOCRRA – Jeff McKeen mentioned that the festival usually generated loads of recyclables and a few sacks of trash. He also gave the citizens of Ferndale reason to celebrate by adding that no other festival generated as much recycled material as the Ferndale Fair.

April Lynch – the City Manager stated that the city paid for trash that was disposed and keeping trash out of landfills definitely meant money saved. According to the SOCRRA study, during the last fiscal year, Ferndale recorded savings amounting to $110,895 by recycling household and commercial solid waste.

Popularizing Recycling With Environment Friendly Promotional Items

People are aware of the problem of depleting resources and congested landfills. However, most of them are busy with their own lives that they tend to forget about the need for waste reduction and recycling.

The use of eco friendly promotional items to popularize recycling, is an excellent idea as such items act as a subtle reminder of the issue at hand. Trendy promotional articles such as table mats and reusable bags made with recycled material, bearing catchy lines, are ideal for such a purpose. This could in turn help in the reduction of waste and promote proper waste segregation for the purpose of recycling.


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