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Fifth-grade Student Wins Reusable Bag Design Contest

Keep San Marcos Beautiful Reusable Bag Art Contest

The Keep San Marcos Beautiful program had recently conducted an art contest, which had been open to all fifth grade elementary school students in San Marcos schools. And in the art contest titled the ‘Keep San Marcos Beautiful Reusable Bag Art Contest’, a fifth grade student named Michaela Manriquez (who is studying at Hernandez Elementary) walked away with the first prize.

Eco-Sense and Creativity for Reusable Bag Design Contest

Amy Kirwin, the solid waste coordinator for San Marcos, announced the award winner for the ‘Keep San Marcos Beautiful “reusable bag” art contest’. The announcement was made at the FoodStock Concert and Benefit for the Hays County Food Bank – specifically, on the Hays County Courthouse lawn.

The reusable bag design contest was quite unique as only fifth graders studying in San Marcos schools were eligible to participate. And at the end of it, Miss Michaela Manriquez had secured first place with her design, which showcased the theme “Live the Loop: San Marcos Recycles!” as her eco-friendly message.

As the program manager for the ‘Keep San Marcos Beautiful’ program, Amy Kirwin, said in an interview that the point of the competition had been to involve young students in eco-friendly movements and ideas, indicating that it would lead to more successful eco-friendly ventures and initiatives in the future. Amy Kirwin further stated that young Michaela’s artwork sent an important message about using reusable bags in the place of single-use plastic bags.

Young Miss Manriquez, as the winner of the contest, will now have her artwork featured on the Keep San Marcos Beautiful reusable bags.

Use Wholesale Reusable Bags Instead of Plastic

Single-use plastic bags amount to a major quantity of non-recyclable trash every month. The flimsy quality of the bags, cheap to free prices on wholesale quantities of such bags, and their easy availability along with consumer nonchalance, all lead to millions of such bags being used every year.

But not only are these bags major eye-sores that quickly populate landfills, their flimsy quality also lead to them often flying away in the wind to land outside these landfills. And when these bags land in water bodies or along coasts and beaches, many animals mistake the flimsy, transparent material for food and wind up choking on them and dying. (For instance, in the water, they might look like a jellyfish to some animals.)

Hence, wholesale reusable bags are the need of the hour. For such bags can help replace these single-use plastic bags by being easily available. Plus, once consumers realize the fact that they can be reused innumerable times, they will be more inclined to adapt to them. Further, these bags are also sturdier than single-use plastic bags. Hence, people won’t have to worry about these bags suddenly splitting and their purchases dropping through because it was too heavy.

With her win, Michaela might have helped bring San Marcos one step closer to using reusable bags instead of plastic ones.


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