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Filta Will Launch Customer Eco Award for Promotion of Environmental Excellence

eco award

Popular company, Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions, is currently launching an Eco Award, which it will present to customers who practice and celebrate sustainability. Commercial kitchens and restaurants have been known for long do their sustainability efforts and to bring in eco-friendly promotional items. All this is done in order to convey to their clients that they also are a fragment of the global environmental friendly movement.

Eco Award Is Tangible Way to Showcase Company’s Eco-Mindedness

Filta is considered to be the world’s biggest mobile based cooking and oil management service. Since it is promoting the idea of being an eco-minded company, Filta is now providing a new tangible way for the industry of commercial kitchens to showcase their eco-friendly forward solutions by launching the eco-award. Customers who showcase environmental excellence will be given this award for the various phases such as cooking oil handling, waste oil recycling and fryer management.

Filta’s Eco Award Providing Its Customers with Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

The award is a way if displaying the commitment of commercial kitchens to the green movement, and will be provided to the customers in certificate form, along with a wall cling, which will hang at the entrance of the Filta facility. Tom Dunn, who is the CEO of Filta, also explained what the commercial oil making company actually does. Filta offers a mobile based company for micro-filtration of cooking oils and also the vacuum- based deep cleansing of fryers.

The unique kitchen service basically helps with extending the lifespan of cooking oil, which in turn will reduce the purchase rate of oil and result in a positive influence on the environment. Filta is so far the only US Company to provide customers with bin-free and excellent waste recycling services for oil. Known popularly as Filta-Bio, the company takes the wastes oil from cooking, straight from the pan or deep fryer, and transfers into a special tank, which is fitted in the company vans. No grease bins are necessary for the entire process.

By following the grease removal process, customers can avoid all the issues traditionally related to grease bins such as pests, odors and spills. The oil from the vans are then recycled into biodiesel. Once this is done the respective customers are given a complete report on the company’s sustainability efforts. Filta was initially started in the United Kingdom and was later brought to the United States of America in the year 2002.


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