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Use the Fitness Tumbler with Measurements to help your bench press!

customize your fitness tumbler with measurements to promote your gym

Be it January first or the middle of September, it is always a good time to make the resolution to recommit to your fitness routine. While some prefer to go all natural especially if they’re just starting to run to lose weight, others, especially if they are trying to put on muscle and get into lifting weights, there is no question that protein is the single most important factor in putting on muscle mass. This is why you may have noticed in your last visit to the gym so many people in the free weights section holding a tumbler. These are specifically designed to make mixing the right amount of protein workout powder into water so that it can be easily consumed while at the gym or afterwards.

Don’t Forget Your Fitness Tumbler with Measurements to the Gym

Custom Earth Promos offers a fitness tumbler with measurements that makes it incredibly simple to get the right amount of protein you need for the level of fitness you are working at. Just use the scooper that’s included in the protein powder to dump into the fitness tumbler with measurements and then add water so you can be ready and out the door for the gym in minutes. The fitness tumbler with measurements is made from durable, lightweight Polypropylene plastic that does not contain toxic BPA, and features a detachable plastic lid that has a flip-open cap on it for easy drinking capabilities. Perhaps the best feature in the fitness tumbler with measurements is the removable propeller that helps mix the tumbler contents easily without creating a mess. If you are considering this as a potential promotional item or something that you would like to feature your gym logo on, there is a generous imprint space that offers good visibility and brand exposure. Make sure to check out the fitness tumbler with measurements from Custom Earth Promos before your next workout!

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