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Marblehead Residents will Soon Flaunt Green Promotional Items

green promotional items

Yes, flaunt is the operative word here! Marblehead has a head lead in terms of usage of environmental friendly measures as the town Council has ordered 500 reusable bags that will be distributed amongst the shoppers and stores shortly, a winning design and look adding to the charms of these bags.

Support the Plastic Bag Ban by using Green Promotional Items

Four months back, a ban was placed on the use of single-use plastics which was urged by the Board of Health. Before the ordinance was passed, they displayed the reusable bags that instead can be used and made a promise that they will soon become available for daily use to all customers. Making good that promise, 500 bags will soon be available in retail stores for shoppers to buy at just $2.50 each and continue with their shopping expeditions without worrying about toxic plastic wastes and paying large sums for paper bags each time they have to shop.

Marblehead High School junior Louise Gould had designed the winning logo that is being featured prominently on these reusable bags. She is excited that her efforts are being applauded noticeably for such a good cause. Her logo represents the Abbot Hall’s tower. The bags will be available initially at the Health Boars office and at the Saturday Farmers Market. The bags are black and will have the logo on it in crimson in silk-screen. The bags are durable and can be washed too, to be reused again and again.

The bags are not being provided only as a fashionable shopping accessory, but to let the shoppers know that post the ban becoming effective in less than 8 months’ time, it would be beneficial for them to have such a bag so the ban a success. Many people were worried that disrupting normal shopping experiences may have negative impacts on the Town’s economy, but with the extensive awareness created for these bags and other promotional items, the Council is also providing a solution to the problem that will be caused by the ban on the convenient thin-plastic carry out bags.

Companies Should Support Green Promotional Items

These green measures will be a success when the town authorities and the commercial units join hands and help the citizens overcome their dependence on plastic bags giving them alternatives such as reusable bags on an economical basis. With the provision of a large number of bags, the town hopes that customers realize the impact that this simple step can have on the environment.


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