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Flood in Snowy Regions Increased Due to Deforestation

flood due to deforestation

It has been found that occurrences of floods in snowy regions increase due to destruction of trees. For many years, it was thought that though deforestation intensified flood levels, it had little impact on the number of times the floods occurred.

Kim Green, a geoscientist at the University of British Columbia has refuted this theory. A study made by him has been published in American Geophysical Union’s journal, Water Resources Research. The study reveals that both major as well as minor floods are caused due to deforestation.

Findings of the Study of Deforestation

Many streams and rivers of North America are laden with water from melted snow coming from mountainous regions. The water level in the river depends upon the snow falling into it as well as the rate at which the snow melts. The melting is generally kept in check by the trees that shield snow from sunlight. The decline in the forest areas has decreased trees and thus increased the snow melting rate.

Previously, hydrologists used chronological pairing, a technique to compare flood related information from a deforested region to that of a forested region. The comparative study made for different years was used to assess the flood levels.

The study of the frequency of floods was however not possible using this technique. For this, a technique called frequency pairing was adopted. Here, data recorded for the last decade is examined to estimate the flood recurrence.

Green’s research uses frequency pairing to examine the effects of deforestation on flood frequency in snowy mountainous regions. Data was gathered from four creeks: 240 Creek in British Columbia, Fool Creek in Colorado, Camp Creek and Redfish Creek.

The analysis clearly indicated that deforestation had reduced the time span between the floods. The alarming increase of flood frequency emphasizes the need to conserve forests.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items and Deforestation

Individuals can do their bit to save the forests by using forest products sourced from sustainable forests only. For this, you need to verify if wood based products such as paper and furniture are coming from authenticated sources. You can do this by looking for the FSC [Forest Stewardship Council] logo.

Also choose to use eco friendly products such as promotional reusable bags. The environmental friendly reusable bags often sport eye-catching messages that help spread awareness of the depleting forest resources.


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