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Foster City to Distribute Custom Made Totes

foster city custom made totes

Foster City is one of the recent cities to ban plastic bags within its premises. In the past two years, a lot of the counties and cities in the US have reduced their usage of plastic bags, or completely banned them. The city councils in all these regions feel that plastic bags are a menace for the regions, and so they have taken up the initiative to promote custom made totes among the residents.

Foster City Council Encourages the Use of Custom Made Totes

To help the residents adapt to the plastic ban bag, the city council of Foster has taken the decision to subsidize the prices of various types of reusable bag within the city. In addition to this, a few of the volunteers from the city council are going to distribute these subsidized reusable bags among households.

According to Steve Okamoto, a councilman for the city, the implementation of the reusable bag ordinance will increase the expenses of the residents by $25 or $50. This is because if the residents don’t bring their own reusable bags to the stores, they will have to pay approximately 10 cents to receive a paper bag from the store owners.

This ban is going to come into effect from the 22nd of April, so the city council has set aside $2,500 to purchase reusable bags and distribute them to the residents. However, the council is still unsure about whether they are going to distribute these bags in all the households in the region or they will distribute them randomly.

The City Council Manages Its Expenses to Promote Custom Made Totes

According Herb Perez, a Councilman, reusable bags are an ideal replacement for plastic bags, which is why the city council of Foster is using the money from its demolition and construction fund to promote them. He stated that at present the council wants to spread awareness among the residents, and educate them on the need to use reusable bags. He feels that environmental responsibility should be an integral part of every city council’s planning strategy, and he is happy that the Foster City council is taking it up seriously.

Mayor Pam Frisella agrees with Perez and she feels that this ban will help the city manage its resources in a better way. She stated that the council is going to try and inculcate the habit of using reusable bags among the residents, and they are going to discuss the implications of this ban in their next council meeting.


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