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Students Display Eco-friendly Architectural Designs in Franklin County

franklin county students eco-friendly architecture

Greenfield Community College students recently took on a rather vast project – to help loyal business’ become more eco-friendly, and create eco-friendly architectural designs. The main focus of the entire project was to focus on ‘permaculture’ – which is primarily a strain of design and engineering that focuses on developments within industries to make them more in-tune with the environment. While organic farming is a part of the entire permaculture revolution, it is the most advanced. So, it is not surprising to see that a number of students from the Community College took tips from the organic farming industry, and worked out ways to implement it in the industries they were working with.

Architectural Designs by Greenfield Community College Students

The students of Greenfield Community College were put into teams and coupled with businesses, organizations, and homes in the area to study and look at what could be done to improve their eco-friendliness. The teams would then perform site visits, consult with the owners or managers of the business, to look at what their ideas were and what options were available to make any ideas viable. The teachers handling the project stated that the project was performed over a period of about 15 weeks. During the 15 weeks most of the students were surveying the locations and getting more information about the businesses. The students were adamant that the ideas should not be solely visions but should also be viable and cost effective. There is the possibility that some businesses will try to incorporate some of the ideas if they are cost effective and viable.

Some of the ideas that students came up with included placing particularly invasive plants that were already present on a property with raspberry bushes. Others came up with ideas that pertained to soil retention and choosing the plants that would perform this task optimally, without affecting the ecology of the area significantly. The students would then receive their permaculture certification after a project that saw them meet, on an average, 78 hours throughout the semester.

The Importance of Architectural Designs

The importance of encouraging eco friendly promotional items among students should not be underestimated, as they are the generation of the future. Permaculture is seen as a progressive step in ensuring that the youngsters of today understand and appreciate the necessity to maintain the soil and environment that we have. Considering that mankind has many needs, it is important to remember that the most basic and significant of them all, can usually be attained with ways that are also beneficial to the environment. Understanding permaculture helps us understand the way our world works and the way we can help maintain it more efficiently.


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