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Get Creative by Designing Reusable Bags

SCRAP has a mission to promote creative reuse that will also support eco-consciousness

Did you know that you can crochet beautiful bags out of discarded plastic bags? Or, even that you could quilt on a logo on some free gifts? Well, it all depends on your creativity to make something attractive and useful out of waste. Welcome to SCRAP Humboldt where a talent hunt is on for the most creative looking bag.

Show off Your Designing Reusable Bags Skills

With Arcata city all set to welcome the “Ordinance on Reusable Bags”, SCRAP Humboldt thought of celebrating this by organizing a contest. The contest will be held under the caption “Redesign and Reuse”, allowing creativity and talent take a free hand and see how well the residents of Humboldt County can show their talent in designing reusable bags. In case you have already designed a bag of this sort, now is the time to proudly display it in public, or if you have been nurturing such an idea, you can let your imagination take off.

As a first step, you need to photograph the materials you propose to use and briefly describe how you are going to create this bag. You need to email the information to SCRAP Humboldt. All the entries received, need to have attached photographs. These will go on the Facebook page of SCRAP Humboldt. The best entries will be judged on merit and prizes will be awarded on factors such as ”Demonstrating creativity”, “Use of out-of-the-way materials” and the “People’s Choice Award”.

Details about the winners will be published online and also during the Arts! Arcata at SCRAP Humboldt. Participants will also receive an invitation to display their creations at an exhibit planned during March.

It is a known fact there is a lot of hidden talent lying amidst most of the community members who are ingenious in using scrap materials to create reusable bags, and are probably already doing just that for their own personal use. SCRAP Humboldt believes that it is time to publicly display such great talent, and it would do the city a great favor if such people were to share their expertise with the others in the city and help them become creative as well.

Fun with Designing Reusable Bags

SCRAP Humboldt, being an initiative of SCRAP, has a mission to promote creative reuse that will also support eco-consciousness and an environmentally sustainable action that educates the society about affordable materials. The initiative is also a step towards spreading awareness of the importance of switching to promotional reusable bags, which will go a long way in helping maintain the fragile ecological balance. Interested people may walk into the office premises of SCRAP at their local offices in Arcata.


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