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Get Rid of Bugs, Organically

eco-friendly way to get rid of bugs

Come heavy rains along with the floods, and it is woe to the householders who have to contend with bug infestations that can be very trying, especially for the kids. You could end up with a minor irritation or a major infection, depending on the bugs your place is infested with, and in any case you need to use bug sprays to fix the issue.

Get Rid of Bugs Organically

However, if you have infants and small kids in the family, you may want to think twice before using regular allopathic bug sprays, which may have a great efficacy rate, but are harmful to junior’s skin. With the awareness increasing about the benefits of all things organic, it is time to think about medication too that is made organically.

The problem is that it is not as easy as stepping into the neighborhood store and buying aspirin or any other over the counter drug. To catch hold of a can of organic bug spray, you may have to tour the neighborhood before you find some thoughtful person stocking such stuff. Most of the run of the mill stuff to get rid of bugs is loaded with chemicals and DEET, which needless to say is extremely harmful and can do more damage than good.

This is what set off the Jayme Bella and her father Alan Neiburg on search of the ‘holy grail’, and finding none, they hit upon the brilliant idea of making it themselves. What added fuel to the spark was a chance reading of an article on National Geographic about the medicinal uses of essential oils. Thus was born Greenways, the start-up for making organic bug sprays. Alan’s background selling medical/surgical supplies came in handy, and his exposure to chemical drugs set him thinking on the lines of eco-friendly promotional items, and he along with his grandchildren plunged into the business in all earnest. Alan’s wife Sharon, a retired literary coach, chipped in with her 401(k) savings as seed capital for Greenways.

Get Rid of Bugs with Help from Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

In spite of the known benefits of going organic, there seem to be several hurdles an entrepreneur has to cross before he or she can make success of any venture proposing to produce organic products. So, they could take the cue by using eco-friendly promotional items to popularize their products. They do realize that once the initial hurdles are crossed and people realize the benefits of using organic products, they will probably sell by themselves. However, the initial torque that is required for such risky, yet beneficial ventures is what matters.

While it is essential to go green to preserve nature, there is another important personal motive, where each person’s health and well-being are at stake. Going green certainly pays.


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