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Girl Scouts Take up Recycling Initiative


Girl Scouts are doing a wonderful recycling job at Green Cove Springs. They have already discovered a dozen sponsors to back their recycling project. The recycling program is being carried out at the two parks in the city. The program is also generating awareness among the participating school kids.

Recycling Initiative by Green Cove Springs

The initiative taken by the girl scouts in Green Cove Springs is becoming popular day-by-day. The Girl Scouts taking the lead in this recycling effort understand and appreciate the importance of recycling. They can be seen carrying blue colored recycling bins to the trash cans where the trash is deposited. Kids as young as 12 years and even younger fourth graders understand that having trash can be harmful. They know animals can get killed if they eat the littered trash. So, they are not wrong when they feel that some people have no respect for animals. They don’t give a thought before throwing a bottle in the creek.

Brianna Schumacher, a fourth grader, is not only actively participating in the recycling program but knows pretty well why they are recycling. They are not doing this just to earn a bronze or a silver badge. Brianna, for instance, says that recycling is going to help them breath fresh air. It also helps avoid stuffing the landfill, according to Brianna. The scouts have a goal to achieve by the end of the school year. They must target at least 60 bins during daytime, while the city will pick up the trash at night. The sponsors, both individual and business, have donated $100 for every bin.

The Need to Promote Eco-Friendly Promotional Items and Recycling Among Children

The process of recycling is successfully carried out if the used products are disposed in an environment friendly manner so that new products can be made from the disposed items. There are several awareness programs held nowadays, which practically teach children the need to promote eco friendly promotional items. The ongoing recycling program at Green Cove Springs where girl scouts are actively participating is one such program. The children participating in it are learning the importance of recycling. For instance, 11-year old Brittany Martin has learned the importance of recycling and the role it plays in keeping our environment clean. This young kid also knows that a lot of plastic is made out of oil.

Girl scouts here are divided into four subgroups. Kindergarten and first graders form the first group, while the second and third graders form the second group. The third group comprises girls in the fourth and fifth grades, and the last group includes the sixth and eight graders.


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