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Glam Up with Eco-friendly Fashion

glam up eco-friendly

If you’re someone who’s always aware of the latest trends, then you should know that it’s now extensively fashionable to wear stuff that’s eco-friendly. In fact, with dozens of industries already entering the green era, it’s no surprise that fashion brands have also started to follow suit!

Eco-Friendly Lines and Eco-Friendly Fashion

Eco-friendly fashion materials are more affordable. That’s a fact – mostly because they’re recyclable and can be reused. Fashion brands like Alex and Ani, H&M and Patagonia are taking full advantage of it!

Alex and Ani is a jewelry brand that ranges from earrings to bracelets. Its products are made from recycled scrap metal and are of top quality, making them an instant hit on the college campus.

H&M, an eco-friendly clothing line has two basic eco-friendly collections – the Conscious Exclusive Collection and the Conscious Collection. Including pieces made of organic cotton and hemp, the Conscious Exclusive Collection has received shining reviews for its footwear, accessories and clothing lines. However, these pieces do tend to dip towards the steeper side of pricing, especially for their intricate formal wear. The existence of the Conscious Collection counters this one aspect (which is less “exclusive” only in name) and is a whole lot more affordable.

Patagonia as a fashion brand has actually made being eco-friendly a part of its identity! One of its environment-conscious programs includes customers being able to re-sell clothing bought from Patagonia. Yet another program allows customers to return their clothing , and the clothes will then be recycled into fabric for other items.

Eco-Friendly Fashion for Attracting Youngsters

The market’s now full of eco-friendly promotional items – items that are effective in their purpose while also being biodegradable, recyclable and serving as a promotional tool for businesses.

For kids in high school and college, the best part about such products is that feel like they’re contributing to helping the environment. Youngsters love expressing their individuality and personality. What’s more common way to express oneself than through fashion? Whether the method of self-expression includes jewelry, clothes, accessories or brands, it is the quickest way to catch their interest. For their age, affordability is a major factor. Plus, young adults and teenagers today prefer to be a part of something meaningful and authentic.

So, when you combine a global issue like safeguarding the environment with something as versatile as fashion, using recyclable materials which are affordable and unique, it’s a sure-fire way to attract a line at your store in no time flat!


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