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Lets Go Green in a Fashionable Way!

go green in a fashionable way

Various concerns have been voiced about the changing climatic conditions. Most countries around the world have passed laws banning the production of non-disposable plastic bags. Consequently Eco-friendly and re-usable products are gaining popularity with each passing day. This is the motivation behind the development of recycled and re-usable wholesale retail bags by Custom Earth. What is more fascinating about this bags is that they are fashionable, come in different sizes, spectacular colors and to drive the point home, Eco-friendly. This is simply too much goodies all in one package just for you!

A variety of these bags are available. For that big family shopping, the recycled grocery large bag comes in handy. It is water resistant and has a silk screen decorating option. If however a small sized shopping is involved, your golden goose is the rather small sized grocery bag. These are perfectly suited for any impromptu occasion. Fashion lovers are also not left out! The mini-monster grocery bag is sleek, fashionable, and attractive and what’s even better is its reinforced straps. It also has a washable bottom insert for that required extra support and a free custom color imprint. The reusable economy grocery bags have extra-long straps which can be worn over the shoulder. Other bags include the recycled large glossy bag and monster grocery bag. The latter is a larger version of the economy grocery bag and is made from super thick 100 gsm material.

Of immense importance which the consumers should take advantage of, is the custom option that comes with various wholesale retail bags. This provides a golden opportunity to advertise your business! Talk of killing two birds with one stone. Well in this case it is three birds; Eco-friendly bag, which is fashionable (and durable) marketing your business! The reusable monster bag for instance offers an option of sewing the bag’s handles inside the bag. Consequently the business logo to be marketed is subjected to more space. They thus ensure a cut in the advertisement cost, a business partner perhaps. The quality of the bags is not taken for granted. Whatever the amount ordered be it in small or large amounts, the quality of construction remains the same. This ensures all our customers enjoy the same product from whichever place they order from.

The cost of the bags is fair considering the quality, reliability and durability of the bags. The prices range from as low as US D 0.66. The prices are actually much below common wholesale prices. The handles are reinforced for most bags especially the large bags. The material used to make the bag is extra strong and they involve low maintenance due to the fact that they can easily be wiped. The bags come in a variety of colors save the custom option. All workers at Custom Earth Promos are professionals who ensure that orders received are delivered within the deadlines specified without jeopardizing on the quality.

The Eco friendly bags are recyclable, reusable, cost effective and at customers request, custom made. How about you order a custom made bag today and try the new way to market your business?

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