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Goleta, USA Joins the Plastic Bag Ban Regional Study

goleta plastic bag ban study

Goleta is the latest city in the United States of America to sign up for a report regarding the environmental impact of plastic bag bans. It is one of the newest jurisdictions, which has requested a joint report regarding the benefits of banning plastic bags in the local market. The City Council of Goleta has approved about $8000 allocation in order to help pay for this report regarding the impact of plastic bags on the environment.

On the 16th of October, the council members of Goleta City approved the allocation of the fund towards this environmental report, which is extremely necessary to avoid any kind of lawsuits in future. Even though the cost of conducting this study is an issue in most cities, Goleta is going forward in order to stay safe in the legal books.

Goleta Attorneys Asked to Work with BEACON to Prepare the Report

The Goleta City Council members have asked the city attorneys to work with BEACON or Beach Erosion Authority forCleanOceansand Nourishment in order to compile the co-operative agreement for the Environmental Impact Report. BEACON is a joint state powers agency for the Central Coats counties and cities, which has been seeking the support of all its members to prepare Environmental Impact Reports for their region. The entire region’s report will cost around $70,000 and multiple cities have signed up to help.

The issue regarding the report was extensively discussed by the City Council of Santa Barbara for over three years, before finally coming up with a draft. It was used as a model for all the jurisdictions that have been in favor of the Environmental Impact Report.

Usage of Wholesale Reusable Bags Is the Ideal Alternative in Goleta

According to the model ordinance of Goleta, the ban on plastic bags will apply to every store that is over 10,000 square feet. It includes all grocery stores and pharmacies. Instead of plastic bags, the ordinance requires the stores to offer wholesale reusable bags to the customers while shopping. The reusable totes can either be charged or can be given for free. Also, the stores can offer recyclable bags for which the customer must pay ten cents per bag.

Since Goleta has tried its best to be a green city, the council members feel that banning the plastic bags is the right way to go.


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